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Orantes had a big problem with the spanish sports and non sports press who pressed him to achieve the records of Santana.And there was also the historical rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona.he got raved and frustrated and press published he wanted guarantees to play the highly regarded Davis Cup.he had played DC injuried and still he got criticized from the press.He and Jose Higueras, a long time clay court specialist ( 2 times semifinalist at Roland Garros and twice winner of the German Open) decided not to play anymore for Spain, that happening in the very late 70´s.Higueras opened up a tennis school in Florida, and managed Jim Courier and Roger Federer, and Orantes was named...DC captain some years after his retirement.

Politics hampered so much spanish sportsmen during those days, you know.

Besides, USO and Masters ( singles in 76 and doubles in 75),Orantes also won the very prestigious Italian Open, handling easily Jan Kodes, who had won the two previous French Open titles.He lost the 1975 final to Mexico´s Raul Ramirez, IMO, one of the best players of the 1970´s.

He won twice Montecarlo and Indianapolis, once the US P^ro at Boston and the Canadian Open at Toronto, two times at Hamburg and three more times at the prestigious Barcelona Count Godo´s Trophy.

Lost an epic RG final to Borg (Borg´s first major title) and reached once more the semis at Paris ( surprisingly beaten by frenchman patrick proisy in 1972) and the Wimbledon semis, to ilie Nastase in 1972.

He hold the record of Masters enterings until Mc Enroe and Lendl in the 80´s.He played the event from 1972 to 1977.I think he missed the 1974 tournament, but I am not sure.

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