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One piece of advice: if you're doing stuff from the book, do the exercises in order. Don't treat them as a 'buffet'. One sets you up for the next, etc... They're not just thrown together, but have a method to their madness, so to speak.

And sixftlion, thanks for chiming in! And I haven't forgotten about you, I'm gonna get you that article. Just had an 'interesting' year. Had an accident in May, tore some stuff up in my right (dominant) shoulder, had surgery in July but they found some stuff in the shoulder they had not obtained consent to optimally deal with while they were in there, things they didn't expect, so we tried to work around it but no joy. Getting cut on again in a couple of weeks. Will get back to you shortly after that.

And the moral of that long story is try not to get into accidents while doing high speed racing go karts.
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