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I didnīt mean to blame his father as an accusation but he regreted that he had been somewhat forced to turn right handed which, as you said, was usual in those years.

Nobody can prove that he would have won Wimbledon with a better serve although I think he could have been able to surprise John Newcombe or Jaro Drobny in the two finals he lost over 5 sets.

However, I donīt think he could have beaten 1956 Hoad or 1974 Connors, even with a better serve.Of course, in the early 60īs, he would have been the favourite, along Pancho Gonzales and from 1963 till 1967, he could ahve challenged Rod Laver.
It was not uncommon to switch from left hander to a right hander in those days. Margaret Court was a natural lefty and she become a right hander. Court had a great serve.

Nadal did it the other way. He switched from being a right hander to a left hander.

I would say that all three were pretty successful.
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