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No offense but... No, it doesn't look good at all. It looks terrible.

Your swing path looks ok. That's it. The swing path is actually low on the list of priorities to hitting a good fh.

You are off balance on every shot. Balance is priority #1. You need to move your feet correctly and efficiently to get set up in a stable balanced position before every swing. If I was standing next to you while you were practicing I could knock you over with a gentle push of my little finger.

You need to move to the correct area, plant your feet, get your weight and body balanced and then swing. Only then can you create a consistent contact point. You are hitting every shot from a different contact point. You need to fix that habit/pattern. As it is now you would't be able to hit more than 1 shot in a row against a decent player.

Look at Djoko practicing here. Notice how he moves his feet to get the position early, establishes good balance and meets the ball at the same contact point every time. He looks stable, relaxed, good posture, in control.
If I was standing next to him I couldn't knock him over with both of my arms pushing on him hard.
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