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The number the ATP has is wrong. I have a list of all his matches. He was astounding. Like I wrote, they didn't list so many of the old WCT tournament and other tournaments besides that. The ATP records only go back to 1973 I believe, perhaps 1968 in some cases. They only list Pancho Gonzalez with 3 tournaments won in his career. You can't go by the ATP records. They try their best but it's often inaccurate.

Remember he started playing at a young age. His 1979 year was a year for the ages. He won the French, Wimbledon, the Canadian Open (beating McEnroe in straight sets on hard court), the Year End Masters and a total of 21 tournaments. I have always thought that on this year alone Borg deserved to get into the Hall of Fame. Compare it to Rafter's career in which he won 11 tournaments and 2 US Opens. Borg in 1979 did far more than Rafter did in his entire career and Rafter's in the Hall of Fame. Borg didn't just beat people that year he destroyed them. Borg destroyed players for a number of years. For example he won the 1978 French and only lost 32 games for the whole tournament without losing a set. I believe he holds the record for most love sets in a career as far as we know. Maybe Tilden could have surpassed that but records were not kept.

So understand that Borg won 106 tournaments by age 25. That is stunning. He was that great.
Which would bring us to which is BjornŽs greatest year?

In 78, 79 and 80 made the double FO/W.In 78 he also added the IO and in 1979 and 1980 the Masters.In 1979 he lost the WCT final while in 1978 and 1980 he lost the USO final.

Considering he " should" have won that USO final against Mc Enroe, I guess IŽd pick 1980 as his most complete year.

John did a great job in beating Borg at Flushing that year, and proved he was made of the real stuff, avenging his 5 sets Wimbledon lose in the most cruel way for Borg.
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