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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I don't put too much faith in Mr10sStringer, he makes some good points but demonstrates some bad techniques. Just don't take his word for Stringer's Gospel.

Stick to the fundimentals, because they never change. Mike (YULitle) and former MRT, has the best videos, too bad he retired. I recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to string. Also a copy of USRSA Raquect Service Techniques. You can get a PDF version from the USRSA if you inquire about becoming a CRT/MRT, but you don't have to take the test.
There's the post in question with proper attribution, I hope. I'm sticking with finding Irvin's videos very helpful. It's also nice that he's currently active.

And wasn't it once fundamentally agreed that the world was flat?
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