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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
The guy played Futures. Of course he cant self-rate at 4.5. "Futures" level for all intents and purposes is "touring pro" level. He was even a rated junior, he did well in college and then tried futures. There are a lot of D1 players who dont even try futures.

He should have played two matches and let the YER come out

A D1 player can most definitely self-rate as 5.0, so long as that player isnt considering tennis as a profession. There are a lot of "5.0's" who played D1 college who go on to become something not related to sports.

In the case of the OP, the player in question was not only a "ranked" junior, but also playing in multiple futures events post college.

His highest level of play is "post college" which to me means "touring pro".
Yeah, I'm not trying to defend the situation. He was too good for the 4.5 level. For all of us it was our first time playing USTA. We would have played 5.0 but I don't think it was available at that time; no teams registered anyway. We really had no idea what we were doing. Him and I are good friends (grew up playing together, juniors, high school), so we just asked him if he wanted to play. He passed the self rating test so we just went with it. The decision was correct to DQ him. Really my original post was to talk about a captain colluding with another to gain wins illegitimately.

Anyway, our guy did play a few futures but he wasn't trying to make a living at it. There are always a few of those that come through our town and anyone can play in them. I played in a few in St. Joseph, MO with him. It was just for fun really. There were a lot of guys who really had no business playing in them (one guy was about 70 years old). But he did win a few matches.
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