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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I thought we were great in the first half, it was surprising! The main problem was Torres, he had a couple of chances to kill the game and we should of probably had 3 by the break. A top striker would of also occupied the centre backs and given Moses, Hazard and Mata even more space and time to do things.

Diame was the huge difference in the end, Ramires and Mikel couldn't handle him. Worrying to think that they're our only 2 midfielders!

I thought Cole's goal was a foul, he did go over the top. Ultimately it didn't really matter, the result would of been the same.

I think firing Di Matteo and giving the job to Benitez could well be the worst decision made by Abramovich, and he's made plenty of bad ones. Benitez hates Chelsea, which we don't really have a problem with. We had a huge rivalry with Liverpool and it's natural he doesn't like us, just as we don't like him. It's just not going to work, not in a million years. You couldn't choose a worse option if you tried.
He did go over the top but football is a contact sport, i don't actually think a defender should assume (and normally be given) a free kick for that, (i include my teams players in this) I want a defender fighting off an attacker not hoping for a free kick.There was one in the 1st half that Cole went down under a defender, rather than get up and chase the ball he was sat there thumping the ground, I don't want to see that, get up get it back and keep having a go at the opponents.
The subs made a huge difference didn't they, we actually have some quality with some decent players waiting on the sidelines too at the moment, which is not something one is accustomed to as a West Ham fan!
I was so sure Torres would score, he always scores against us!
Didn't realise the anti manager stuff was so strong, banners were already on show demanding him out of the way (a week in!) if he does well, gets them playing and scoring freely and Pep can't be tempted, he could get the job?
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