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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Same here. I have the Babolot Aero 12pack. Yes, it has nice features, with its dual insulated compartments, hard shell, and a portable cooler for your drinks. BUT, if you want to talk about quality, it's not that great. Within 3 months of using, one of the insulated lining ripped from the racquet handles rubbing it. And you know why the handles were rubbing the lining? Because this is a small 12pack!

I don't know what Babolat was measuring with this bag, but it's not a legit 12pack. Because fitting 4 racquets is a stretch and you will definitely tear the lining (I tore mine with just 3 racquets in the compartment, so there) over time. The zippers are not that great. And it's not a bag if you want things to be organized. As in, there are no smaller pockets. It's just 4 big pockets.

I have a Wilson kFactor 6pack and that thing is indestructible. Not to mention, its compartments are sturdy and enormous. There's no reason a "6pack" can easily fit 5 racquets in each compartments, whereas a "12pack" can barely hold 4 racquets in each compartments.
GREAT! It's not just me here! You should take this into thought OP!
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