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YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! I took it out for a hit today and .....'read previously'!

I've never played natural gut in my many, many years of playing tennis. Here was my experience and please let me know if this was just a bad stringing job or because the string was ancient, etc.

First, I hadn't hit for nearly 2 months and went out to play. I wasn't playing great but any mishit shot was very weak. If I didn't hit the sweetspot, it wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't too worried but I switched to another Prince Graphite that I'd strung the same day strung at the same tension by the same person (me) on the same machine. Look! I strung them back-to-back. The other was strung with Topspin Concept Pure - a poly string. It immediately had more pop to my shots and especially on non-sweetspot shots. I went from losing 5-1 to go on to win 7-5. The result isn't and wasn't the concern.

My real question is.... Is natural gut for people that hit the sweetspot only? Is my experience an anomaly? I'm just curious to know if I should give natural gut another go and to try something better or stick w/ what has become my favorite string....has nothing to do with today's experience but the fact that I just play that string nicely and it seems to last a very long time for me.

Thanks for reading and sharing your experience and advice.
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