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yes of course, but then two round poly strings from the same producer don't have to be the same, they can be quite very different. of course this marketing thing with weird names is more than questionable because you are not even in most of the cases try to associate some characteristics of the name (panther, viper, venom, firestorm etc.) with the string.

but on the other hand i was thinking about what data suppliers should be supplying on the package regarding the strings capabilities and i basically stopped pretty soon as i realized that most of the data supplied would vary to a certain, and sometimes considerable, extend depending on the tension, the framesize, the stringpattern etc. you can devise some figures but they would not really be telling much i guess to the regular consumer.

i am pretty sure that you or i, which have dedicated quite some time to not only this sport but obviously also to the hobby of stringtesting, could issue some recommendations to a player we know (i mean playstyle and level, stick he uses etc.) based on some general data published, be it for instance as tw-university does it, but for the regular consumer, i think such information would only confuse him even more. it would be difficult to explain why a soft string does not neccessarily have to be more powerful or even armfriendly, or that a stiff string can eventually be less fatiguing by having a higher energy return. all these aspects change with batspeed and more often than not they do not change in a linear way.
stroking technique does really have a huge impact on the behaviour of the string - when i play competitively i do apply huge amounts of spin. when i just fool around a little bit i play flat like johnny mac and all strokes with the continental grip - the ball feels completely different, there is not only a different batspeed but also a different angle of impact.
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