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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Starting a website isn't free and hosting a website with all the data traffic that that consumes through multiple HD video streams/downloads isn't free either. Expertise comes from time and experience. FYB seems to have been around since the dawn of time, and I'm sure that you've made alot mistakes along the way and changed things year on year to figure out what works and doesn't work. FYB also had '1st mover' advantage. The stuff you produce now is very different to what produced when you first started.

The beginner segment. They don't know any better. DNO can be explained in 5 minutes, and in any event, its something a developing player would learn naturally as their game progresses. It's not something that needs several 1hr+ HD videos to explain.

But you're right - some people like that sort of thing. They seem to think that the longer the video the more or better content they're getting, which isn't necessarily the case.

People will pay for stuff if they think it can get them results. And there's not a insignificant proportion of people who (mistakenly) think that by watching an hour long HD video, their game will suddenly go up 2 levels. I don't doubt that you are very successful with your sales towards a certain segment of the market. But there's no substitute for time on a tennis court. Salzenstein is much more realistic in my view and focuses more on the player's individual development, their progressions, and the work that they would have to put in.

I am so glad that you've said that because it confirms my view of FYB. One of the critcisms of FYB, rightly or wrongly, is that its simply repackaged material. I still don't know what ninjas have to do with tennis. In my view alot of the stuff is unnecessarily strung out. I for one - and I know many others who would be of a similar mindset - would not wish to listen to you talk for an hour with a chalkboard behind you about something that's very simple eg. DNO with you talking formulas etc. It's a very basic concept. But like you say, some people go in for that sort of stuff. I'm just not one of them.

Depends on what you mean by 'hardcore tennis player'. I don't know any higher level tennis player for example that buys a new racquet every few months. But you are right - there is a certain crowd who will buy a new racquet every few weeks, new bag, new Federer shirt, bandana, etc

I bought the Salzenstein serve course because I was intrigued by his background, his back story, the work which he had done on his own serve, the level of tennis which he played, liked his approach to coaching, his innovation (as opposed to repeating cliches), his focus on real world application, and wanted to see what he offered in terms of technique development. Nothing shiney in the packaging, no marketing at the expense substance, but once you starting digging into the content and peeling away the layers, you see that alot of thought has gone into what he's produced, that he has excellent eye for technique issues and detail.

I've subscribed in the past to the Yandell site as well. Some good articles and videos on there (apart from the video from a certain member on these forums).

There's nothing else that I've seen online that I would pay money for. It certainly wouldn't be any of the FYB courses. I just don't see anything on there that would be useful to me, and as you've confirmed in responses, your focus seems to be on packaging and presentation. I do like the visual quality of the videos you produce though. Seems to be a good resolution and the slow motion videos have a good FPS rate.
It's called defamation. Not just one video either. Anyone arguing with this guy: he's been banned before for the crazy things he says. It's only a matter of time before he's banned again.

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