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Hey guys I have to catch up with you replies now...I thought the thread was dead!

Coach Chad,
I would love to live in Orlando, and my dad would be incredibly happy to come over visiting my because he is a fantastic bass fisher.
actually was there for a short vacation a few year ago...nice place and I would like to play tennis there as well. People say that 4.5 are stronger there than in the ******* challenging.
Also thinking about to become a tennis coach. Last year I volunteered as assistant coach at my local high school and it was fun and got some good results and feedback.

you are right for sure about the job. I would not move without having found a job first! Coming from Europe/ Italy in which the mentality about jobs is more conservative in a way that I could not let myself move and gamble on the future with out at least have a secure job/health insurance....especially now that I have a baby...without $$$ you can't even buy tennis balls

Cuba is a nice place...... maybe when I retire


Do you need a baby sitter? I can ask

That's true...houses all over US have become way more cheaper due to the economy and it is certainly so keep in mind...however, here in WI the house market ha not been hit much at all. Actually it is still pretty strong and pricy.

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