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Originally Posted by norbac View Post
Roman has made Chelsea to be a joke of an organization.
Yet the fans won't openly criticise Abramovic to his face (i.e at the stadium) because without him they know Chelsea wouldn't have won a single league title or the CL in the past decade, and would probably be in a similar predicament to Spurs (which is not bad, but is below what Chelsea now consider themselves to be).

Of course the heart of a football club is its fanbase and the roots of this are sunk far deeper than the Abramovic era (e.g the average Chelsea fan recognises di Matteo deserved better as someone who has contributed to the club as a player and coach, and always conducted himself with dignity), but in spite of their principles being offended by Abramovic's capricious nature it's clear to everyone that money talks at this level and if you're not the dominant force in your media market (Bayern, Real, Barca, Utd) / don't have a sugar daddy backing you, you can't compete for the biggest prizes.

Is there any sense of an anti-Abramovic movement at any level of the Chelsea fanbase? I'd think most fans at most clubs would forget what they considered to be the principles of their club to have a shot at being as successful as Chelsea have been.

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