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Originally Posted by TheCanadian View Post
What would you advise in the case of a kid who wants to play at a national/international level? I've read that Federer played 15 hours/week when he was 14.
Play a ton between age 10 to 14-- 20 plus hours a week plus fitness. At age 15, if you're near the top of country, meaning blue chip in trn, consider continuing 20 plus hours as a homeschooled or academy high schooler. If youve got a big serve, it takes much less practice. If not, might as well back down to 10-12 hours a week of tennis, plus a couple for fitness and shoot for college only. Any more than that and you're wasting time that could been used on life skills. You can be a national player with 10-12 hrs a week practice, if by national you mean playing in USTA National Opens. If you mean winning Supernationals, you better give up your childhood to tennis.
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