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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Does the study account for early or late growth, the player becoming more tactical or just plain dumber, or the depth of the college player's experience?
Not all college players are in the same period of their tennis development.
Some are burned out when they enter college. Some are still ascending and willing to work.
You made some good points. The "study" is very simple, it only takes into account ITA and ATP ranking of former college players and looks for any correlation between the two. Now, I think that the players who end up at the top in college and who make it on tour are the ones who can combine all the attributes necessary besides pure talent, e.g. hard work, willingness to progress, remain injury free etc... The ones who don't or who can't simply do not make it.

The data was taken for players who spent at least 3 years full time on tour, so they should have "matured" enough to show their true potential. Recent grads (less thn 3 years) are not included.
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