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In 2000 A stadium tennis court was constructed in the existing Central Park Ice Rink (Wollman Rink) and promotional and sponsor entertainment events were conducted at the nearby Tavern on the Green. Mikael Pernfors defeated Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Yannick Noah on his way to the final in which he defeated Henri LeConte for the title.

I went to a match there in 2000 or 2001 and saw Connors 48 buzzsaw Wilander (36) not long off the tour something like 6-3, 6-0..on HAR TRU. I was siting very close in a small arena and Connor's shots were still unbelievable..Line drives inches over the net and inches fron the baseline..i think Connors also had a bad foot at the time and needed surgery.

Don't jump on me for this but some guy did an extensive analysis that rated Connors the best player ever

We considered all matches played by professional tennis players between 1968 and2010, and, on the basis of this data set, constructed a directed and weighted network of contacts. The resulting graph showed complex features, typical of many real networked systems studied in literature. We developed a diffusion algorithm and applied it to the tennis contact network in order to rank professional players. Jimmy Connors was identified as the best player in the history of tennis according to our ranking procedure. We performed a complete analysis by determining the best players on specific playing surfaces as well as the best ones in each of the years covered by the data set. The results of our technique were compared to those of two other well established methods. In general, we observed that our ranking method performed better: it had a higher predictive power and did not require the arbitrary introduction of external criteria for the correct assessment of the quality of players. The present work provides novel evidence of the utility of tools and methods of network theory in real applications.
The rest of the analysis is here
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