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1. TWMAC, please list your main racquet
- dats uses IG Speed although BLXPROs lurking in closet

2. TWMAC, what poly do you recommend for me? I've been using BlackCode17 in my IG Speeds, but I strung it at 57lbs and outside of dead center it has zero power. I tried a hybrid too in my other racquet but like a dumazz i strung that at 60/57 lbs with Yonex 850Pro and Black Code. Feels just as bad and with less spin! I guess I should try stringing them at 54lbs before switching strings... but man the top of the hoop especially feels like glass breaking everytime i hit the ball. I like the crisp explosiveness of BlackCode17 usually but i guess in an 18x20 pattern the high tension took all of it away.
I've also been thinking about hybriding with a cheaper string like Black Shark or Yonex PolyTour Pro 125.
I also have heard great things about Solinco Tour Bite but Barb Wire would look better in my racquet.
Anybody string experts that like Black Code have any advice?
P.S. - this is for 9.0 ukraine style tennis. its very advance and teknikal!

I played auzzie recently and I would have KRUSHED him if not for my krazy high tension on my stoopid racquets. why do i always make these mistakes and let him off the hook every time. he needs to know my superior tennis capabilities even at my advanced age and zero practice.
trust me i am still super awesome at 57lbs but i just think 54lbs or maybe even less and my rally ball will become winner ball and my drop shots become aces down the T!
ok, me go drink more now. bb
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