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Well I know for a fact that Djokovic has used Tennisplayer because he and Todd Martin used it to try to undo the havoc on his serve 2-3 years ago.

I know about several other top coaches that have: Brad Gilbert, Craig Kardon, Pat Etcheberry, Myles MacLagan, and Carlos Rodriquez. Those guys have all coached Slam winners. USTA coaches like Jay Berger and Mike Sell who have worked with top recent Americans. Pat Mac loves the site. (His verb not mine.)

And to relate slightly to this thread, Salzy and I used it extensively when he was working with me on his serve and backhand. Ditto Paul Goldstein on his serve.

We don't publicize the names but we have deals with multiple international coaching federations, including countries with players at the very top of tennis--can't track those players or coaches but the access logs are heavy.

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