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Originally Posted by vil View Post
It's hard to answer in one sentence, because different opponents means different winning tactics. But if I was to summarize it somehow what worked for me, there were always two major advantages that helped me to beat even better players. I was always super fit and I could run the balls for hours and never felt tired. I've done some long distance running in the past even one ultramarathon. It's amazing what fitness does to you. Not only you can run but your eye contact with the ball, anticipation and concentration level improves big time.
The other thing is, I'm a lefty.
I'm a bit older now not as fit as I used to be but I'm doing OK. My game has changed a bit and from a defence to offence player, I became a bit of all rounder trying to shorten points whenever I can.
Very legit styles that work though. Being really fit gives you the confidence to hit safer and extend a point longer each time. I have gotten in much better shape as well, and i also really like what atp 100 said. Come out and play a B game and just see if the guy can attack those balls before you start bashing.
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