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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Seems that you may be in the minority in the TW world. The Dunlop GP generally favors well in polls and various threads in this forum. Even their Championship ball, so far, is doing a bit better than Penn or Wilson Champs in this poll.

How about specifics? Not enough to just say that you don't like Dunlops? Why don't you like the GP and other Dunlop balls? What type of courts do you usually play on? Play primarily at night or during the day? Low or high altitude? Hot or cold weather? Wind/calm? Etc.

What are your major criteria for judging the utility of a tennis ball? Price, durability, bounce, etc. Quite often ball preferences vary quite a bit from one person to the next based on the type of considerations that I've mentioned in this post.
yea. well in the TW world everyone also debates on lead placement and how much overgrip weight will affect the swingweight, and how fuzz on the stringbed causes them to lose topspin, so yea....

but the reason i dont like them is the weight. too hard and heavy. i have played in snow and over100degree heat, on decoturf2 to har tru clay. i have paid for about 5 cans of balls in the last 5yrs so price isnt a big concern, playability is. hence why i picked volkl. does this make sense to you now
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