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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Geez, I'd hate the give up the net advantage of being 6'3" tall and quick/fast with young eyes and reflexes.
Just wasted on a baseliner game.
That's like being 6'3", but not pummelling your opponent's with a big effective serve.
Haha that is still part of my game I need to work on. Transitioning to the net is not my forte. I pretty much just hit a big kick serve as a first serve and then rely on my groundstrokes.

My net game itself I feel is okay-ish actually, but my approach shots need work. I understand I'm supposed to slice DTL then follow it in and cover the DTL pass, but I feel clumsy moving forward and for some reason I feel the need to do too much with the first volley. I do want to be able to finish more points at the net though, thats a goal of mine for these next 2 months
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