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Default What String Combo to use for 100+ hours a month of play/practice - Kevlar Mains???

I started tennis and have been playing and practicing 100+ hours a month for the last 15 months and am looking to change away from full poly which is what I play most of the time.
In general, I like a firmer poly from costly LUX BB to the cheaper Gosen Polylon.

To start I have a stringer to use at no cost approximately once a month.
Looking for thoughts on the most economical and best playing string combo that retains its playing characteristics the longest since I'm practicing and playing 100+ hours a month.
I've been using full poly between 52-58lbs depending on how soft a poly it is for 80+ hours at which point it breaks. I end up playing 60+ hours with dead poly.
I understand this will not the best for my arm long term and the playing characteristics suffer after about 10-20 hours with the full beds of poly.
I recently read every thread on TT on kevlar and am thinking that could be an answer as I am not lacking in the power department.
What I am thinking is:
1) Kevlar should not be more harmful to the arm than 60+ hours of dead poly?
2) Kevlar playing characteristics should be better over 80 hours of play than poly?
3) Kevlar should give the spin I'm used to with full poly but without the dramatic dropoff?
4) Kevlar should be at least as control oriented as poly?

I'm thinking I will try 48lbs mains - 17ga Ashway Kevlar (which I have on the way), and 55 lbs crosses - 16 ga OGSM Syn Gut.
If the Kevlar does not bother me with the SG cross, I may try a poly cross like polylon.
My racquets are:
Vantage 100" / 11.6 strung / 6 HL strung / 63ra / 16x19
Vantage 95" / 11.9 strung / 9HL strung / 70ra / 16 x 19
RACQUETS: Vantage 95 (Strung: 11.5 oz, 5HL, 67ra, 16x19, 26.5")
CURRENT STRING: Genesis BM 16 @ 56lbs Mains / OGSM (natural) 17 @ 60lbs Crosses

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