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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I don't really think Kevlar dies quickly. The stiffness does relax a lot during the first hour or so of play, but once it softens up, I don't really notice much change after that. It "plateaus" -- the key is to make sure that I like the way it feels AFTER it settles in (not before).

People who use poly tend to rely on the opposite approach, where they only play with 'fresh' poly. In my opinion, this approach is not very practical unless you're a pro - it means you are re-stringing all the time.

I've never had arm or wrist issues. I think most people don't know what a Kevlar stringbed feels like AFTER it has softened up.

My O3 Red strung with the string setup in my signature feels softer at impact than 95% of all the racquets out there. For several reasons:
1. The stringbed is "broken in."
2. The O3 Red is EXTREMELY open pattern compared to most racquets.
3. The frame is quite heavy -- I think it's almost impossible to develop tennis elbow with a frame weighted like mine, because the mass of the frame absorbs most of the impact.

I let a 55-year-old friend of mine with tender elbows try my O3 Red, and he couldn't believe how soft and comfortable it felt.

That being said, I am currently on the lookout for a frame to replace my O3 Red -- I'm looking for something with same headsize and stiffness as O3 Red, only with tighter string pattern. The extremely open pattern is great for topspin groundies, but not so great for volleys.

sorry travlerajm I meant 10x15 with thin strings but kevlar/poly(made from a very dense 22x30)
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