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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
But that's exactly my point. I am saying listening to your friend who says "YO BRO, shoot up some of this stuff and you'll get HUGE!" is dangerous no matter your age. Many, many, many people who end up ruining their bodies from steroids do so because they just don't know or want more results more quickly than is safe. I personally just do diet and exercise, but I have no need to take supps beyond a multi and fish oil.
Yea I agree with your point, I just hate it when people say steroids are bad and will kill you. Almost as dumb as saying creatine kills you. Someone shooting up tren or popping 20 dbol pills every day cuz some 16 y/o says so deserves the negative side effects. Just wanted to point out for the unaware that when you're mature and ready, steroids can be used as safely as any regular supplement if the proper steps are taken. They're illegal because morons abused them and gave them a bad name.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
A lot of this is body type specific.
Those bf % pics are so wrong it's not even funny. According to those I'm like 3% when I'm really 9%.
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