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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Good thing you bumped this thread, I was just talking to my friend who is in my opinion a very good coach. He told me of an idea which he has been using with his kids (the kids in his program that is) who are anywhere from 10-18.

It is a different way of portraying the goal, but ends up having the ball land in your target areas.

Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
J., what is the idea your friend had?
Ok, so he said that when he put a V down on the court, and tried to get the kids to hit outside of it (Base of V at baseline service hash mark) the kids saw the inside of the V as the target, and still hit the ball in the middle of the court.

When he marked off the areas he wanted them to hit into on the court similar to those mentioned in this thread, they aimed for them and ended up hitting the balls into the doubles alley.

So what he ended up doing was marking off points on the sideline, and baseline outside of the middle of the court where he wanted the ball to exit the court.

So he basically told the kids to do whatever, but make sure the ball crosses the baseline, or sideline through one of these designated 'Gates', and this seemed to work for them to get the mental picture.

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