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Default Hey you crazy '80s kids: When did Knight Rider "Jump The Shark" ?

Sorry for the random post, but it's Sunday afternoon, I'm hungover, I've got the munchies and the surreal avatar of TT member Mike Sams has got me off on this tangent:

At what point in the TV series Knight Rider do you think it jumped the shark?
For me, I reckon it was when KITT got fitted out with that stupid "Super Pursuit" mode where extra fins and spoilers protruded from the car at the press of a button. It gave KITT the ability to go extra fast, which all the producers need to do to effect it on-screen was to speed up the camera footage. It looked ridiculous.

Or was it when the young black guy replaced Bonnie as the technical genius on-board the Knight Foundation semi-trailer (not that there's anything wrong with being an Afro-American engineering whiz-kid. Producer Glenn A. Larson is to be commended for such a liberal casting. He did the same in Battlestar Galactica with the black squadron leader remember?)
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