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Originally Posted by auzzieizm View Post
I'd be curious how Black Shark plays...
me too. black shark is $6 a pack with their 4pack deal and barely a mention of it on the boards. i guess ill just stick with black code.

and mr. auz.. in the video, all to often i hit a nice backhand to middle of the court and then you blast it for a backhand winner into the fence. all of my shots could have used a bit more pizazz on them.
at least my strings were fresh back then though. now they are too high tension and old too.. which is even worse!
i should have cut it out weeks ago (after i barely won 7-6 with speeds,against a guy i beat with blxpros 6-1,6-1) but i hate cutting out expensive string.

i wonder if i should try another hybrid experiment just to see. i didn't mind full FXP 16 in the demo. i guess i have all winter to futz around with it.

~~~ auz, what strings you using? still happy with Isner stick?
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