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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Still, a consistent OL that can protect the QB for 3.5 seconds seems key to a successfull team and QB. Look at what Brees is going thru since the 2nd quarter of the 49'ers game last week. He's been harrassed and knocked down on almost every single pass attempt, and his efficientcy rating has gone down the tubes. Upright, I think he's the premier passer in the league, bar none. His deep timing passes are the best for sure.
Most top draft pick QB's go to teams in need of OL and overall personel, which is why they got the high draft pick. Bad teams don't get suddenly better with just one good QB, although lots of you would point to Indianapolis and Luck. I see better protection than last year there.

Brady and Rodgers are the top 2 QBs in the league IMO and then Brees is in that next group of QBs.
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