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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
I watched a bit of this match. Murray was not hitting ANY, and I mean ANY, first serves over 123. He was spinning it in, and I saw quite a few second serves not even make it to 80 mph, and not have much direction or placement. His second serve was honestly not a whole lot better than some first serves I've seen. He was pushing in that match... it was obvious.

Roddick should stay retired; he's not going to be beating these guys in majors.

If Roddick took a long time off and got his shoulder back together he might be able to make a run if he just focused on one or two big tournaments for the year. That being said, he's not that type of person, and would want to compete every tournament, which would of course hurt his shoulder big time.
"man... what match is this? The Iron Hands vs The incredible Shanker..." - Gorecki, Federer vs. Ferrer Cincinnati 2009
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