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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Rodgers has sucked big time as of late, as his OL cannot keep two guys from hitting him before he has a chance to decide where to throw.
Brady is unreal.
Brees, to me, at barely if 6' tall, is the premier QB in the game, when he's up on two wheels. Knock him down early and often, he get's derailed.
While Luck does get some help, he get's no help compared to the 3 you mentioned. It's a question of ....will he stay good while his team improves, or will his body break down as the team is improving...

Dont get me wrong, Brees is good but he gets to throw in the dome for over half his games where Brady and Rodgers have to do it in tough weather and they still dominate. I would take those 2 over Brees anyday.
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