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Checking the rest of the '84 record, Connors has a 5-3 lead over Lendl in overall titles. But none of Connors' wins were a Slam or even, arguably, a big title: Tokyo Indoor, Los Angeles, Boca West, La Quinta, Memphis.

In runner-up appearances Lendl has a large lead: 7 to 2.

Honestly I think Connors could be ranked as low as #4 this year. Wilander, like Lendl, won only 3 titles, but one of them was the AO. And though the field there was not a full one, it was not like weak fields of the 70s, either; Lendl attended, and Wilander had decent wins over Edberg, Kriek and Curren.

Wilander also led Sweden to a Davis Cup victory, losing only one rubber during the season (a dead rubber against McEnroe). His live victories included one over Connors. And like so many of Connors' losses in '84, it was not close (6-1, 6-3, 6-3).

Whether Connors had Lendl's number in big matches in '84 is very debatable, I think. But if being better than Lendl in big matches is the basis for putting Connors ahead, then Wilander should go ahead of Connors. There's no question that Wilander had Connors' number in '84, in big and small matches, and on Connors' best and worst surfaces.

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Connors was nš 3 in 79,80,81,84.Co nš 2 in 1983 and nš 1 in 1982.From 1984 onwards, he was downfall.

In 84 Lendl was clearly nš 2 behind Mac.
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I think Connors was number 1 in 1974, 1976 and 1982, number 2 in 1975 (behind Ashe), 1978 (behind Borg) and 1984 (behind McEnroe), and number 3 in 1977 (behind Vilas and Borg), 1979 (behind Borg and McEnroe), 1980 (behind Borg and McEnroe), 1981 (behind McEnroe and Borg) and 1983 (behind McEnroe and Wilander).
In '81 Lendl leads Connors 10-4 in overall titles. One of Lendl's titles was the Masters, and he made a GS final, which Connors did not. That year imo Jimmy is definitely #4.
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