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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Checking the rest of the '84 record, Connors has a 5-3 lead over Lendl in overall titles. But none of Connors' wins were a Slam or even, arguably, a big title: Tokyo Indoor, Los Angeles, Boca West, La Quinta, Memphis.
Tokyo Indoor not a big title? And who was stopping Connors winning the biggest titles in 1984? A peak McEnroe, time after time, almost like Djokovic vs. Nadal circa 2011.

Originally Posted by krosero View Post
In '81 Lendl leads Connors 10-4 in overall titles. One of Lendl's titles was the Masters, and he made a GS final, which Connors did not. That year imo Jimmy is definitely #4.
It depends on whether January 1981 or January 1982 is included as part of 1981. The former included Connors' famous deriding of Lendl's tanking to avoid a semi final against Borg. Lendl may have reached the 1981 French Open final, but he also lost in the first round of 1981 Wimbledon and the fourth round of the 1981 US Open, while Connors reached the semi finals of Wimbledon and US Open in 1981, and the quarter finals of the French Open.

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