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Hit again today with the Pure Storms and am more convinced than ever I can use as soft a cross as I want with this frame and still retain control. Other frames seemed to demand a stiffer poly while the PSGT works great even with full gut.

Currently one has full VS Touch at 55 and the other has VS/PHT at 55/51. As one might expect the full VS excels in power and comfort, the VS/PHT excels in spin while also being comfortable and less powerful. In both cases precision is great.

For power BOTH frames required additional lead at 12 (both are roughly 340g/12 oz at 9 pts HL.)

Re: Outlast stiffness as it pertains to comfort, is it a threat to arm health? I remember being very disappointed in Pro Red Code...felt very harsh. Numbers often don't tell the whole story.
Pure Storm GT mod: 337g, 8.5 HL, SW 328
VS Touch Black/Focus Hex 1.23 @ 58/54
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