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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
.... the reason i dont like them is the weight. too hard and heavy. i have played in snow and over100degree heat, on decoturf2 to har tru clay. i have paid for about 5 cans of balls in the last 5yrs so price isnt a big concern, playability is. hence why i picked volkl. does this make sense to you now
Now we are getting some where. Yes, your feedback is now more informative. You are correct that Dunlop balls, in general, feel harder or stiffer than balls from Penn, Wilson and some others. This is probably one of the main factors with regards to longevity. Because, they last so much longer than other brands, they usually end up being cheaper in the long run. Of the pressurized balls, I believe that Prince Tour balls are only ones that last significantly longer that Dunlop GP balls.

I don't recall the Prince Tour balls feeling as stiff as the Dunlop GP balls.

Despite their stiffness, Dunlop balls are still quite a bit easier on the arm (less stiff) than hard pressureless balls. I currently have a seriously compromised shoulder and have had mild-to-moderate cases of TE in the past. Despite these issues, the Dunlop balls have never bothered my arm except on very cold nights.

This is probably because I use a soft string at a fairly low tension and the frames that I use provide a pretty good measure of dampening & isolation (from the shock and vibrations due to the ball, strings and frame). If you are using tight or harsh strings with a harsh feeling frame(stiff or lacking in shock reduction) or hit a lot of balls off-center, it may explain why Dunlop balls bother you so much.

As for their weight, I do not believe that the GP or other Dunlop balls are significantly heavier than other brands. They may give the illusion that they are heavier but they must fall in that fairly narrow weight range that I've stated (earlier in this thread, I think).
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