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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Do you wear glasses? If not maybe now is a good time to go get an eye examination.
lol well to you he probably looks like this

But he's just a normal looking guy, neither ugly nor good looking. I think he used to look above average when he was about 20 but he looks really worn out now in his face. As far as the other top 4 go, Federer is not a good looking bloke but he has an air of class (nice hair, looks good in a suit etc) Murray is definitely not good looking with bushy hair to boot, but he's not ugly til he opens his mouth Nadal is not really good looking either but he has the mediterranean boyish thing going on, nice smile etc. The only good looking player currently playing is Tommy Haas.
How to clarky - work out most or only realistic outcome, claim the opposite
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