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Originally Posted by GoodVibrations View Post
Poor Novak, over the hill at 25. But I know what you mean; I think it's a result of him losing weight more than anything. He also cuts his hair way too short which draws attention to his nose and chin.Haas is very handsome. You forgot Feliciano Lopez, who is very far from my type but he's objectively physically attractive in a male model way. I think Dimitrov has an attractive face as well.

His hair is so stiff I don't think he can grow it any other way. It seems to grow straight up and doesn't even move. I think if he tried to grow it longer it would just end up looking like The Bride of Frankenstein.

Feli is another one that while he is attractive,just does nothing for me. He looks like he belongs on the cover of one of those cheap romance novels you find in the dollar bin at the book store. Lol.
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