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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Even that creature is better looking than ****. Lol.

I think Fed is ok looking. I think he looks his best in a nice suit. That's when I find him the most attractive.

**** is just gross in looks and personality. Sorry,Towser,but it's just the way I feel. Lol.

Murray used to be uglier when he was younger. I think he has grown into his looks a bit with age. I also think he cleans up well and can look good once in a while.

I do find Nadal attractive,and he does have a nice smile. He along with Fed are the best looking of the top 4 to me.

Haas is ok,but he doesn't really do anything for me.
yeah I'm sure you're feelings about Djokovic don't influence your opinion on his looks at all

Murray does look better these days I agree. Except when he opens his mouth so big he could eat a plane.

Fed just has something out of place with his features, nose a bit big, eyes maybe too close together. But he can look good, like you say in a suit.He has got style which compensates a lot. I think Nadal is fairly normal but he can look nice when he is well dressed too.
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