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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
I watched a bit of this match. Murray was not hitting ANY, and I mean ANY, first serves over 123. He was spinning it in, and I saw quite a few second serves not even make it to 80 mph, and not have much direction or placement. His second serve was honestly not a whole lot better than some first serves I've seen. He was pushing in that match... it was obvious.

Roddick should stay retired; he's not going to be beating these guys in majors.
Did it look like Roddick was trying? Like he wanted it?

That's how it looked at times in the Raonic exo...
I am a HUGE Andy Roddick fan but I am aware that he has a Loopy, puff-ball FH. I Love Andy, but I'm realistic about how much he blows.
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