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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
This video show the correct way to start mains.
Guy's way too anal about using a starting clamp on 4 or 5 of the mains. WTF? Seriously? Once you get one of the main two mains turned at least once or twice on grommets, it's not going to slip back when you clamp. He's using the starting clamp way too much. Either his 3-tooth clamps suck and slip too much or he's just wasting time. I've never had 5 tooth clamps slip when stringing mains on any racquet I've strung and I watch and feel the string to be sure. If it's slipping, but the clamp isn't tight enough. There is always that fine line between too tight and not tight enough that people seem to be scared of. Sure, it's harder to find with slippery poly, but once you get a feel for what the snap of the gripper locking in should be on a particular string, you'll know what to feel for.
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