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I have a pair of Nike Dri-Fit long pants that are mesh lined on the inside (entire pants, legs included). The Dri-Fit on the outside have a windbreaker affect while the mesh on the inside provides just enough warmth where you can be warm but not get soaked when you break a bit of a sweat. That and compression shorts is usually enough for me in 40 degree weather. Up top is usually 2 or 3 layers depending. T-Shirt, long sleeve shirt, and maybe a jacket if it's really really cold. If I get hot, a layer comes off the top. I never get hot enough to take the pants off as if I'm wearing those, it's going to be cold enough to keep them on. I've found that in winter, if I play in shorts when it's below mid to low 50's or less, I can't keep my legs warm enough to keep the muscles loose and comfy after changeovers and such.
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