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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
The pros are athletes, trained, conditioned, hungry, and work for a reward.
You appear not athletic, not strong, not gifted, given your returns being better than your serves.
Pros win by their athletic big hitting.
You need to learn to win with your mind and determinations. Different methods, both can win.
Try to serve harder, even a 100 lbs girl can serve 100 mph.
Forget the notion of 135 mph first serves.
Use the technique that is consistent and replicable for YOU, not someone else.
Placement and surprise is your friend. How you serve is much less important than where and when you serve.
That's because my opponents are poor servers

I don't try to sound haughty, but I really don't try to serve at 135mph. That brings the fun in tennis right out, doesn't it?

Sometimes I don't even try to serve hard to get a volley or two.
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