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Reality is it is something you're born with and cannot change. So if you are 5', 5'9", or whatever -- embrace it. I feel height has an impact on serve. As a general rule, the taller the player, the harder it is to return his serve.

I greatly dislike returning serve from a guy around my height (6'2") or taller. The angle of the served ball coming down from the sky is greater and often with pace. Against average-height servers returning is easier.

Still, a short guy with a good kick serve will damage me more than a tall dude hitting flat as Incan just block those back. Kick serve gives you great clearance over the net no matter your height.

Half the guys on our college team were at least six foot and the most successful ones (except one) were in that group.

Finally, being tall has advantages everywhere on the court. But the MAIN thing is talent and application. Tall guy who is lazy versus short guy who works hard -- who wins? Guy who is naturally talented but lazy versus guy who practices his tail off -- who wins?
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