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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I'm not sure we can always trust some of the numbers that get thrown about as being overly accurate. That said, his Rolex deal from what I can see is a ten year deal for $15m - which means $1.5m/year. It's an amount dwarfed by quite a few of his other deals if we're to believe the numbers suggested.

So far as "going out of his way to promote alcohol" is concerned - that seems a pretty convenient and cynical framing of the deal. LVMH deals in luxury brands - they're not really in the same league as Jagermeister or most vodkas which are more in the 'let's get drunk tonight category' of alcohol brands as opposed to being a luxury product. When you consider the price point of Moet Chandon it seems a stretch - more like lame - to imply Federer has gone out of his way to promote alcohol.

dduuudeee... you are completely mistaken.. Federer's endorsement with rolex is performance based and the number of times he dons it while holding a grand slam.. This year in particular was special because he had the Rolex 'The President' which is worn by the who and who of political and business world.. He does not get paid 15 million every year but I am sure as hell that he got paid 15 million this year..

Also djokovic made less than 15 million in endorsements last year.. so they were comparing federer's this year earnings from rolex and djokovic's last year earnings as a whole..

I have read it not from that only source but also many other credible sources..

People actually timed the time gap between his winning and his wearing the new rolex and it was "1 min 28 sec" thats how motivated federer was in promoting it.. ofcourse it paid big bucks..
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