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Originally Posted by SStrikerR View Post
Yes because beating a rapidly declining davydenko, Andreev, soderling coming off of a 5 setter, and malisse clearly indicates he's a real gem. Oh, did I mention the amount of times he got bagelled this year? He seems like a very motivated guy who's totally going to put the effort in to become good.


Also sabratha, I dunno how you feel about Federer but he wasn't THAT bad as a teenager. You're insulting him by even making that comparison.
I dunno, man. While one decent run in a major isn't exactly a harbinger for greatness, it doesn't change the fact that Tomic was expected to lose all those matches. Maybe if he had he just scraped by Davy and got straight-setted by Andreev then we could chalk it up to one bad match by a veteran, but he played well to beat four seasoned, if not dominant pros.

That Wimby means jack-all for the future at this point, of course, but he did play some legitimately good tennis.
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