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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Argentina are consistently among the strongest teams in the world and have been for a while. 2002 they were easily one of the pre tournament favorites for the World cup, but lost in group stages (2002 world cup overall the favorites failed to deliver, though Italy and Spain got absolutely f****d by the refs against hosts South Korea, and Brazil sort of found their groove). 2006 they lost to the host Germany in a penalty shootout (Germany's unbeatable under this scenario, I don't think they've ever lost a penalty shootout). They have consistently had great teams, but failed to capitalize in the last decade (sort of like pre 2008 Spain with the exception of their Euro win in the 60s). Honestly I can't remember a weak Argentina team relatively speaking ever since I started watching football. They've always had a stacked squad.
They are a fake.Lots of talent. I agree, but like Netherlands, when they should win they never do.A psico case, there.

Messi wins almost everything when he is well surrounded, like Barcelona team.

The 1978 Kempes led and the 1986 Maradona led team had much less talent than current Argentinian team, with only 2-3 other great player to go with Marito and Diego.But they won, because they were mental titans.Current group looks like a bunch of born losers.
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