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Dave - well done, mate. CFC may be in some chaos but a victory over the CL winners is still a great victory.

RE Benitez appointment - it seems to be another example of when chairmen, at their peril and great discredit, choose to ignore the fans and their deeply held views. The example I always cite is George Graham with us. He may have redressed the balance formwise to a significant degree, but he was never accepted - and of course, why should he have been given his gooners history? Plus also, you can reverse this in the sense of what is Benitez doing going to Chelsea given his Liverpool history? Does he not owe the reds and their fans some sort of allegiance? There are very few clubs in the world that it doesn't seem right that managers like Rafa should hitch themselves too, but certainly Chelsea and Benitez seems a golden example. Anyway, it's another case of p****** on the fans IMO.

Re Spurs - 3-0 win V Fulham. Gooners turned over. Chelsea beaten. What a great weekend. If AVB can now rack up more wins coming into 2013, his own difficult relations with the fans (and press) might be smoothed. And it can't be denied, Defoe is playing out of his skin.
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