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I also think that Lendl was clearly the no. 2 player ahead of Connors in 1984.

Connors won 5 titles in total, one of them a big one at the Tokyo Indoor. Boca West wasn't a big tournament yet in 1984, and LA was not as important as it had been in the 70s. Lendl won 3 titles in total, one of them a huge one at Roland Garros and one of them a big one at Wembley, which was at least on a par with Connors's biggest title that year. So looking at quality over quantity, Lendl clearly had the better title collection. Plus Lendl reached 3 big finals that year (at RG, the US Open and Masters), to Connors's 2 (at Dallas and Wimbledon).

Yes Connors won their biggest match at Wimbledon that year, but then again Lendl beat McEnroe on the big stage in the RG final while Connors couldn't beat him at all that year. Connors had a combined 2-12 win-loss record against McEnroe/Lendl/Wilander with losing records against all 3 players and 0 official wins against either Mac or Wilander. Lendl had a combined 6-9 record against McEnroe/Connors/Wilander, with winning records against Connors and Wilander, and wins over all 3 of those players in big tournaments.

Connors was stopped by Mac 6 times that year, but Lendl was as well, so both players suffered a lot at the hands of a peak magician with a racket.

I really can't see what possible reasoning there is to anoint Connors as the no. 2 player that year, other than being a very biased fan of him.

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