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Originally Posted by y11971alex View Post

I'm 17 years old and I've been playing tennis for about five years now. I've enrolled in a juniors' programme in Vancouver Canada, and the coaches are set about improving my serve. I've been described as the most aggressive player in class, and I usually do S&V. The dominant style there is aggressive baseline, which makes me a slight oddity there.

The issue is that I never seem to be able to "jump off" during serve and I leave my left foot on the ground during the motion. At contact I am standing on the tip of my toes of my left foot. After that I land on my right. The serve is usually consistent and the weight balanced; I usually serve a wide slice on the deuce side and up the middle on ad side.

The coaches (along with another one on individual lessons) said that I should land on my left foot, but I couldn't seem to do this in balance and the return just wizzes past me. Also, if I land on my right, it would form my "first step" to the net. Any suggestions?
The multiple captain obvious' of the message board are simply describing letting yourself be pulled of the ground, then turning and "having" to land on the right foot versus not getting air born and stepping. It's one of the more stupid conversations in tennis. Watch any pro(righty) warm up their serve and the right foot steps first. If you serve and volley you should continue to do it. The lack of air time will help you get to the net. #JohnnyMaccouldofbeenbetter
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