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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
Sorry for bumping the thread, but is it possible to add the V support mounts on the 4 point mounting system? The Eagnas 700 looked VERY similar to this so i was wondering if they sold replacement pieces for the supports.

For AndyRoo ; Yes it is possible to add the V side mounts that fit at the 3 and 9 oclock positions on the side mount bars on a EAG-700 stringer. Mine had the original round vertical pins that did on OK job , but I figured the V blocks would be better. And they are. I bought them off Eagnas (Maxline) a few months ago and dealt with a lady called Michele there, who was very helpfull. They supply them as two separate parts, the nylon V block and a round pin that it locates off. This pin drops into the holes already in your side bars. However I thought i could improve on that a little, and dispensed with those pins and made up threaded-stepped nut that fitted under on the hole in the bar, and used a allen head bolt down thru the V block and lightly pinched up on the new nut. This eliminated all slop in the side bar mount and also allowed the V block to still pivot and fit to the racquet frame nicely. I removed those 2 flat plastic pads at the end of each side bar to give me more flexibility for different racquets.
I did take some pics at the time so let me know if you want a pic of what I did. It make my words a bit clearer.
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